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Friday, 17 February 2012

Healthy Sleep Tips Strategies Wins

Sleeping enough is a necessity, adequacy of sleep will also eventually have an impact on physical health and mental health. The following healthy sleep tips, as quoted by the Times Health:

1. Go to bed on their backs and face to the ceiling. Errors in positions such as sleeping on his side even crouching will cause back pain.

2. Although you have a pet like cat, it's good to avoid sleeping with them. Animal hair can trigger asthma attacks and allergic invites.

3. Clean your face. Some women would be lazy to remove their makeup when drowsiness was struck. Do not let this happen, makeup is not cleaned immediately before bed, will cause many problems to face.

4. Adjust the room temperature with air as comfortable as possible. Do not get too cold, as this will allow you to curl up position due to the cold.

5. A dark room conditions will restore the hormones needed for body recovery.

6. One more important, still keep your room clean, doing so will make your sleep more comfortable


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