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Friday, 17 February 2012

Tips on Traveling to India for Beginners - Travel tips

1. Choose wisely route

Think about the interests of tourism activities are interesting and you like. India's most popular tour is the classic Golden Triangle. Cliché, yes, but this could be a fantastic introduction to India's best three goals. Start in Delhi (Hamayun Tomb and Red Fort) and Agra (Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri) and Jaipur (Pink City and the fortress at Amber).

If you have more specific interests, Delhi is the best for shopping, is great for the beach Goa, Himachal Pradesh for trekking and Rishikesh for yoga, Madhya Pradesh to see the tigers, religious fervor in Varanasi, and Kerala to relax.

2. Slowly

Too many people try to reach out to different places in a visit to India. Should not be so because it saw one place slowly and enjoy it much more rewarding than seeing a lot of places in a heartbeat.

3. Avoid the crowd

Mingle with the locals billion may be too dense for the tourists, but India also has many quiet retreats. If you need to escape the crowds in the city, consider heading south to Kerala or to the mountainous regions such as Ladakh.

4. Stay healthy

Avoid tap water, and any food that may have been washed from the faucet. Also do not eat ice, fruit salad and you do not bring your own. If you eat meat, make sure it is cooked properly. If in doubt, eat at a place that you look clean.

Notorious toilets in India, but they should not be harmful to health and do not forget to bring soap for washing hands.


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