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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Google seeks to understand you better

In order to improve search results of users, Google incorporate into its system semantic tools that allow you to automatically understand the meanings of sentences and questions are sought.

The Internet company said the aim is to improve its ability to provide the best answers to questions as quickly as possible, to convert raw data into knowledge of millions of users around the world.

Amit Singhal, director of U.S. Company said that right now Google's understanding is quite limited, so we are redesigning their search engine so you can go further to recognize the words in queries and achieve understanding of user requests.

Through your Google +, said that if you ask for the 10 deepest lakes in America, "will give decent results based on those keywords, but not necessarily because we understand what is the depth or what is a lake" he said.

He added that as part of this process, in 2010 Google acquired Freebase, a graph of knowledge of open source, which rose from 12 million interconnected entities and attributes to more than 200 million.

Our vision for this graph is the knowledge as a tool to help create more knowledge, an endless cycle of creativity and intuition, Singhal said.

He added that the traditional formulas Web search recognize the words on the boxes and consultation and provide links to websites that seem relevant.


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