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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Some Important Changes to Facebook Fan Pages

They are here the new Facebook fan pages, which has introduced the famous Timeline, and I personally are beginning to like more and more as you see its new features.

The pages have undergone a radical change and now both the personal and professional profiles are the same. As of March 30 all pages will wear the new design although you can see a preview of the changes. But how do these changes affect facebook fan page? Here are some new features:

Cover image

This is one of the most significant changes in the new fan pages and more visually striking. We can put a large image of cover which has to be minimum width of 399 pixels and can display any information from us, or call to actions, or discounts. You can find here all you can not put in that image. This limits a lot and take away all the game that gave the power to make a landing page with a call to action to give reasons to become a fan of your page.

Featured Posts

Now highlight a post in the new timeline is as simple as clicking on the star that appears at the right of each post. This what happens is that the post is extended and occupies the entire width of the page, being much more visible and prominent. In addition we can also set it to the top of our page for a week which will highlight yet.

Milestones and questions

Clicking on the vertical line that runs along our fan page, we will see a menu with which we can publish at a particular time a state, a photo, or a landmark survey. Got something to highlight in the life of your business? Then you can point a milestone. Questions or surveys are not new but its use is much faster.


One of the changes that have least liked is the suppression of Welcome tab. If you had a not cleared as such, but nothing appears on entering your fan page. You can install applications but only 4 displayed prominently at the top of your profile. The can move and change the order and even rename them, which gives much play if you use a little imagination.

Management Panel

In a much more contained and accessible at a glance has been the administration panel of your page. At the top you will see all the notifications, statistics and messages that you send your fans (yes, they can send messages directly to your page).


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