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Thursday, 8 March 2012

NSDL Pan Card Status check online at website

Pan Card or the Permanent Account Number is allotted by IT Department to every individual and it contains 10 digit alphanumeric numbers. The PAN card serves as a valid identity proof and along with the 10 digit number on the front of the card it contains the photo of the card holder along with his/her date of birth. Pan Card is important and mandatory under the following circumstances:
  • When a person has to file income tax return, he has to mention his PAN card number.
  • For any other information from the IT department, PAN Card is mandatory.
  • When dealing in stock market, the individual need to mention his Permanent Account Number.
  • For any kind of financial transaction or while applying for loan PAN card is required.
  • When applying for Visa, opening a bank account, PAN is mandatory.
A unique and most important feature of PAN card is that even if you change your residence the Permanent Account Number would remain the same. Be it anywhere in India, you can use your PAN card for all identity proof purpose. Every Income tax payee in India is easily recognizable through the PAN card that he/she holds. The number in PAN card is followed by a structure and in case a PAN card doesn’t follow that particular structure it is deemed to be invalid. In such a case the card holder should immediately contact the concerned department and get a valid card.

Checking PAN Card Status Online

An individual can apply for the PAN card through NSDL website or through the concerned offices. Once the application is made the status of PAN card can be tracked through the NSDL website anytime the individual want. Information such as whether the PAN Card has been prepared, in process or is delivered can be obtained through the website.

The status of the new PAN card, duplicate copy of the card or for any correction required, the status can be checked through NSDL website by the using the fifteen digit acknowledgement number after 2-3 days. The status can be checked by using the following link -

When you open this link you would find various sections that need to be filled by you in order to retrieve the particular data. The first information needed is the application type whether it is a PAN or TAN request. The second information that you need to fill is your 15 digit acknowledgement number. In the third section enter you complete name in the given field followed by your date of birth. After entering all these details click on “Submit” to retrieve the required information.

If an online application of PAN card was made through credit card, the applicants can check the status of application by entering the 12 digit transaction number that is displayed on the screen. You can change the status of payment to Demand Draft or Cheque in case the payment from credit card failed. After entering the details you will get the status of your PAN Card. You can print the application form within thirty days of date of application.


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