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Thursday, 8 March 2012 - Peperonity your Favorite Mobile Community Site

The largest and most popular mobile community site, the craze for is all over the world. The website was launched in the year 2001 and since then around 10 million people have started using this web 2.0 platform. The website helps you in building your own communication belt and the networking features helps you in finding new friends of your interest. Some of the features of include blogging, site building, photo album, video downloads, chat and much more then you could have ever imagined. The website proudly stands among the top 10 site across the world outranking other renowned websites like YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, the websites require no special programming skills to be operated and anyone with little knowledge of web can use the applications of Peperonity with ease.

One interesting feature of is that the users can build their customized website by the help of its applications like "". Not only this, the users can also download cool videos, pictures and mobile email softwares. is fun to use and chatting is also free. The users will also find various categories in this website as per their interest which include Music & Entertainment, Travel & Adventure, Hobbies & Special Interest, Self-help & Information, Cosmopolitan, Sports & Fitness, Gay & Lesbian, Teens, Techie, Twens, Sportsman and Lifestyle. Once you are here, you would simply love this site and the application that it provides to the users.

The Peperonity Merchandise Shop

Peperonity has now its own merchandise shop that has good collection of fan articles that the users can choose from. The has become very popular since its launch. Initially there have been a huge customer request to open a fan shop and as Peperonity followed the customer requests, it has got over whelming response from its users.

The shop features stuff like shirts, hats and also some exclusive items like hot pants, barbeque skirts, shopping bags are available to order. The buyers can order the merchandise in their home address and the prices are also very competitive. The more you order the lesser would be the price per item. Also, when you will browse the fan shop you would see that the prices of all the products are very reasonable as compared to the uniqueness and high quality of the goods that the website provides.

Peperonity – Fun to Use

Now with the users can also find new friends and soul mates by search criteria like location, sex, age and also according to common interest and life situation. Every month the website is being accessed by over 12 million users and it hosts over 6 million user pages. The website is becoming a part of users daily life and be it in school, home or office, Peperonity is being used everywhere. Also, the user’s privacy is taken care of and only that information of users is visible which they want to make it visible. Also, one can ignore any users in case they get any annoying messages from them or if anyone is bugging them.


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