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Saturday, 17 March 2012

The two things that nobody tells you if you want to be more successful?

It seems today to be considered a business or professional success or You have to be in continuous growth, reaping success, reaching the highest positions. If you stay as you are and stop growing is that you're stuck and you're failing in some way.

It's a stereotype or belief deeply rooted in society, right?. It seems that if you do not follow this path and you have more and more responsibility, more pay and less time for you then you're not really good, you're a professional or business success.

This may be true for you and then I encourage you to continue growing and challenging you to yourself, but there are also cases of people that once at the top of his profession realize that it is not what they wanted and leave all to dedicate themselves to something quieter. Or people that arise that are comfortable as they are and do not want to continue growing, but doubt if that is not being paying or are unambitious. Do you identify with any of these cases?

I certainly, yes. When I started working in a lab my dream was the Nobel Prize (typical course), but after a year working too decided that maybe rather not be Nobel Prize and have more free time for my stuff. As a coach I also know of other cases wildly successful coaches who do not stop doing things, and I feel wonderful but I've realized I do not want that, do not want to spend my life from city to city giving lectures, for instance .

For a while I thought maybe I was sabotaging myself, Which would be insecurity or fear, but recently read the book "Living without a head" by Sergio Fernandez (highly recommended by the way) in which he spoke of the alleged need to continually grow professionally, I realized that it is not self-sabotage, it is just what I want, the lifestyle you want and when they reach a certain point does not interest me grow (at least today) because I am more than satisfied with the time available for me and my family. Does that mean I'll never be considered successful professional?

Regardless of the idea of ​​successful professional: currently there are two things that say little and are necessary:
1. The word "success" has the same meaning for everyone: And it is imperative that you decide what it means to you until you want to. Because it is absurd to base your life on the definitions and beliefs of others and devote yourself to rack up achievements and then realize that you are overwhelmed, stressed and extremely dissatisfied with your situation.

2. It is not necessary to reach the top or to be continually growing to feel good or successful person. That does not mean you use this as an excuse to stay as you are and not move, or anything, just that you consider how far you have to grow to feel full and satisfied.

So repeating the previous question, Does that mean I'll never be considered successful professional? For me yes because I'll strongly lead the life I want and how I want, no more successful than that, at least for me.

What about you?


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