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Thursday, 12 April 2012

10 annoying office habits of colleagues

Choosing colleagues is not an option. They come with the work. And that means you deal with people you are less good. You can not ignore them, because they are an integral part of your team. Read this article to know some colleagues annoying habits.

But making friends with everyone is an illusion. But the fact remains that some colleagues would like to paste behind the wallpaper. If this is sometimes so, then there is no problem. But if colleagues have some work habits that irritate you immensely, then things change. The war is never the right way. But action is needed.

What annoying habits keep colleagues out after?

Gossiping and complaining

Hopefully, you yourself are not gossiping colleague. Gossiping and complaining hear no home, not even in a work situation. This gossiping colleagues are experienced as energy pistons. Weather you as many of these moments when your colleague prepares to post a nasty comment.

Loud calls

Imagine: you are calm and focused at work. Unfortunately, the silence broken brute, because your colleague sitting opposite the annoying habit of loud phone calls. And why is he there now and speakerphone to use?

Coffee and cigarette break

Obviously, a coffee or cigarette break and lawful in the context of ergonomics and efficiency is to get away from the computer a good thing. Some colleagues are very long and frequent breaks. Especially if you rely on your own work that one fellow with long pauses.

On time is not

We overslept all of us sometimes. Nobody is perfect. But some are something more perfect than others. This has everything to do with a good attitude. The eternal excuses such as traffic, oversleeping, car problems and being sick after taking 10 times within 2 months of credibility or off.

Borrowing office

To do your job well and quickly to do so, do you like all office supplies on hand. Of course you are not the worst and you occasionally borrow your stapler out. Then there is that one day your paperwork is processed. You put everything ready, but your machine is not looking. This is not the usual place, so after finding all drawers. A half hour later you give up and go to your colleagues inquire. And how could it be otherwise; colleague X is not your machine 2 days ago borrowed. You were not on when you place and she thought 'I bring be back. " You laugh like a farmer with a toothache and presses "Does not 'look like. There is now an hour has passed. There goes your day ...

Chaotic colleagues

Your colleague in front of you is quite chaotic and his entire office is located beneath the piles of papers and folders. And you may look at them. But that's the least annoying. By his behavior he can not find anything and he forgets a lot. So he bothers to write where you constantly, paper clips, minutes of work meetings, lunch money, etc. A good man, but still.

Smelling colleagues

Sharing with a colleague who quickly sweating or not too fresh out of her mouth smells, can be destructive for your pace of work and job satisfaction. The windows open and frequently offer mints may help the situation.


There are colleagues who are not able to work in silence and happy music in the background their activity. This can, of course. However, the choice of the radio station and the height of the volume can be a real troublemaker as you like to work in silence.

Private phone calls

Everyone has a mobile and sometimes you get private phone calls. And that can and should, of course. But also love taking with your colleagues, such as the choice of ringtone. People usually choose a tune or a jingle that they immediately recognize above all ring tones. There are colleagues who during their working hours no private phone calls to receive and clearly tell their social circle. Let's say these are the people with very good posture. And then you have colleagues who do not distinguish. Their private cell phones go several times a day and that taste is bound ring tone you have heard enough.


A radio you can still turn off, but unfortunately there is no mute button for that one colleague who speaks at a stretch. Where does she come from all this nonsense and they do not get tired of? You would almost think that nothing of her work gets.

What can you do to the irritating behavior of colleagues?  

  • If a room is by an absent colleague and you can go there, do it. Tell your roommate that you want to remove a lot of work and all this attention. If you do it regularly, the other also gets used to it.
  • Take a drawer with a lock so that colleagues do not take unsolicited office.
  • Ask the colleague who has the radio on or he may use earplugs.
  • In gossiping, talking many colleagues suddenly look at your watch and say, 'Is it time already? I really should get back to work. "
  • Sometimes you can not help but direct. This can also be in a gentle way.
  • I find that the best work in silence. So I come to others sometimes disinterested. But that's not me. I really need silence to me to be able to concentrate. So that's why I do not always respond and occasionally work elsewhere.


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