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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The best tips for weight loss

Most of us know that losing weight and staying at your ideal weight is difficult but not impossible, this article will tell you the best tips to lose weight and stay in your ideal. Within these tips can not put aside a balanced diet and daily physical activity.

A balanced diet

How many times have you done crash diets that achieve your goal it is to lose weight, but how come you let the rebound effect where you upload the downloaded kilos or even more. This is because it is a balanced diet to lose weight if not the diet that unbalance your body and let your body looks to urgently re-save their reserves of both proteins, fats and liquids.

The advice to lose weight to a healthy diet with a varied menu where you include a daily, two servings of dairy (milk or yogurt), fruits (up to three pieces a day), vegetables (amount free, except those rich in oil like avocado or olives), cereal (oatmeal or cereal bar or box unsweetened), fish (food diet and you eat it every day since by its high content of omega-3 helps to regenerate and restore the elasticity of the skin), red meat ( beef or pork three times a week) and neutral meat (chicken, turkey, quail, ostrich).

Also accompanying your meal with no-calorie soft drinks or water, this allows you to save a significant amount of calories. Do not eat fried meats and fish you can cook baked, steamed, grilled with vegetable spray or a few drops of oil (preferably olive oil).
Remember some tips to lose weight.

Daily exercise

Making a healthy, balanced diet combined with daily exercise to lose weight will be an activity easier, because with only 30 minutes walking at a speed of 5 mph will burn over 200 calories, and if you decide to make a aerobic or cardiovascular activity you'd be burning up 600 calories which corresponds to three times more than a walk.

Remember water is essential when it comes to losing weight because it helps remove fat and fluids that our bodies do not need. It also provides satiety and your skin will be bright and smooth and as for your hair will look shiny and silky.


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