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Friday, 27 April 2012

5 Banned Apple Apps

My attention was paid recently to the apps that were not downloaded. For the simple reason that they are banned by Apple. The manufacturer uses a rather strict censorship, but put the other for the app developers have the door open for gathering all kinds of personal data. These five apps were in the past months by Apple in silence from the App Store.

Anyway, the apps are prohibited. Some are as dangerous as, for others it is more a lack of humor. These five apps were in the past months by Apple in silence from the App Store.

5 banned Apple Apps

Fake Driver's Licenses
This app was already two years in the official App Store. You could create a false driving license with. Of course, you yourself can identify with such fake evidence nowhere. When Senator Bob Casey urged Apple to remove the app, the party was over.

U.S. senators were reluctant even to the popular app Buzzed to shoot. This let drivers know where the police at that time on alcohol control. Eventually Apple tack and were the official terms of the application store adapted to avoid such would still arise.

The iSnort app provided in single white pixel lines that you as an iPhone user could 'sniff'. All virtual course, although there was a lot of protest from anti-drug organizations, which even this app could forget. Roll Your Own The free app, you learn how to roll a joint, can however be tolerated.

Radiation measurement
Who's afraid of the consequences of the radiation of smartphones, ever used the Tawkon application. It contained a meter in the app that denoted how much radiation your iPhone issues. There were tips on getting the exposure to minimize. According to the makers of Tawkon blokte late Steve Jobs himself the app from the Apple store because of "uninteresting".

Laughing Apple
Phone Story was a game where the player controlling African miners had to find minerals that could be used in the manufacture of such iPhones. The app survived only a few hours. "It's just to laugh," the authors suggested. But at Apple, they thought differently.


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