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Friday, 27 April 2012

Exercises for a stiff neck - so you can relax your muscles

Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning and can hardly move his neck because you have to move at night. The neck muscles are very sensitive. Cold, one-sided strain or a wrong move very quickly causing a stiff neck. If it catches you, you can help with this advice.  

What to do if your neck hurts

  • As a first aid measure heat is recommended. Heat releases the tense muscles and improves blood circulation, so that the pain is relieved. A hot water bottle works best for you with a damp cloth wrap, because moist heat penetrates more deeply into the muscles in front. But also help cushion grains or hot water bottle.
  • Try to move despite the pain the neck. Also, a stiff neck should not be spared, because this would be a change in posture and movement restriction is likely even greater. Try to gently move the application of heat to the neck in the restricted direction.
  • Stretching of the muscles can loosen the stiff neck. If you gently stretch the affected side, loosen the muscles and can treat the stiff neck Sun For example, you can lay your head sideways and stick out his arm at the same time. Do not exceed the threshold of pain.
  • Also helpful is the following exercise: contact Stand up, hold your head straight. Then set up on the neck and pull the chin - something like this, as if you were to make a double chin. Hold this position for several seconds, then loosen the tension again.
  • Pain-killing drugs that loosen the muscles, as Iboprofen help in acute cases, but should not be taken without doctor's prescription for a long time.
  • Generally, if a stiff neck is painful, but often dissolves after a few days the pain of itself, however, be very strong or prolonged, you should consult a doctor and can clarify, what is behind the cause.


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