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Friday, 27 April 2012

You can strengthen your neck muscles

About one-third of people with back problems also complains of neck pain. The reason for the pain is in addition to stress-related tension is often too weak neck muscles. In this case, a simple sequence of exercises to strengthen neck muscles often give relief.
  • In order not to brace the neck muscles during exercise, you must first take an ordinary general attitude. Stand upright on the floor and keep your feet parallel and hip width apart. Lift the chest without the stomach to push out and then go into the hollow back. Caution: Do not confuse the lifting of the chest not the raising of the shoulders! Pull shoulders and shoulder blades back strong and relaxed down and look straight ahead.
  • Start by lifting the first exercise for the neck muscles, by making the neck long, chin and look at the ceiling. Pay attention closely to the chest continues to lift and pull the shoulders down. This way you can avoid that the neck muscles are concentrated. The entire neck should not feel pinched.
  • Come back to the starting position and then let you drop your chin to your chest to stretch the neck muscles and relax. Let your attitude does not coincide, but watch out here on the raised rib cage. Repeat this exercise sequence a few times.
  • Now turn from the starting posture of the head to the right. Keep both shoulders - especially the right - below. Try turning your head "on a level" that is, so that both eyes remain on a high. Turn your head as far as possible without changing the posture of the shoulders, torso or legs. Repeat the exercise after then left.
  • Now press with the palm of your hand against the side of the head and stick with the latter against it. Apply only as much pressure that you can keep unchanged the position of the head by the use of neck muscles for about 20 seconds till today. Repeat this exercise at first, on the other side and then forward and back by both hands side by side on the front or the back of the head folds create. Finally, repeat the exercises 2-4 to relax the neck muscles back.


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