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Saturday, 28 April 2012

How to measure data transfer rate

If you sign a contract with a provider over a DSL connection, this will guarantee a certain data transfer rate. It is expressed in bits per second and indicates how much digital data is transmitted in the second. With a speed test on the Internet you can find out relatively quickly, if you promised Internet speed is achieved. However, you must consider when measuring a few things to get a realistic value

Data transfer rate - what does this mean?

The data transfer rate is also known as download speed, transmission speed, data transfer rate or bit rate. A distinction is made between the upload and download rate.
  • Digital data sets, ie videos, pictures or documents that you upload to a web server, specified in bits. Bit is the smallest data unit.
  • Since today is considerably longer amount of data sent, it has also gone over to use units that are divided by the factor 1000. Example: 1024 bits correspond to a kilobit. The Internet speed would then kbit with about 16000 / s can be specified.
  • The maximum data transfer speeds, but you can not be equated with the down-and upload speeds. Use the formula for this purpose: the amount of data divided by maximum transfer speed.
  • Their speed can, regardless of provider, are influenced by various factors negatively. This could be your modem or router to date, the latest firmware updates are missing, or you have accidentally switched your phone from the splitter.

Internet Connection Speed Measure

  • To measure your Internet speed, you have several speed tests. Use one of these to measure your data transfer rate. In some tests, you must also choose your provider and your connection.
  • Exit all programs running in the background. The firewall, virus protection program or a mail messenger may give false results.
  • Connect your PC and your modem or your router using an Ethernet cable, as well as a wireless connection can affect the test.
  • Note that the results are just a snapshot, run this reason, several days by covering different times of day this speed test to get a realistic result.
  • Your data transfer rate should be at least 90 percent of the contractually agreed amount. If this value is exceeded for several days, could be behind it with your provider shortages or other problems.


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