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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Creative ideas for a poetry book

You need creative ideas for a poetry book, because you the typical sentences from the Internet are too boring? This guide explains how you can make your entry individually.

An autograph book or book of friends is a small book in which quotations, sayings, verses or small poems may be entered. The owner of it goes around friends and acquaintances to enter this somewhat. It's a nice way to be reminded of people who have accompanied a lifetime or in sections. If you get an autograph album, you should give to the entry effort. Here you will find creative ideas and suggestions.

Creative ideas with images for the poetry book

You can use various pictures of you and the person of a collage craft. This gives the owner of the poetry album a very personal memory.

You can also glue pictures of objects / properties that make this person special. Attach one to the pictures and write a little something (for example, it makes the person that they are now and chaotic, and places great value on your car, then right images).

Other ideas for designing

You can, if you are very gifted rhetorically, even write a little poem, addressed to the owner of the Friends of the book. Through such creative ideas everyone is happy.

If you draw well, you might as well a small comic on the side stand. Perhaps you remember much of the most beautiful moment of friendship, or write to you again how you first met.

If you want to make some more effort, you can also use a kind of paper craft small booklet, which includes 4-10 pages of this and glue. In the booklet for the friend can provide important basic data of the friendship (acquaintance, etc.), are the most beautiful memories, awards and pictures.


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