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Monday, 2 April 2012

Makeup for black skin- important tips

Makeup is used for dark and black skin as well as for light skin types. You should note, however, some rules

Basic rules for make-up

Some of you should always remember that the makeup looks natural and beautiful:
  • Try your hand with makeup neither too dark nor light, which acts only painted. If you want to use a primer, take some time for the selection. Apply some on the back of the hand. Go to the light and look at whether the makeup blends with the skin. It is neither as bright nor appear as a dark spot.
  • For the eye and lip make-up rule, the lighter the skin, the more subtle the color should be. Have you almost black skin, you can choose the colors so quiet strong tones.
  • Only with pastel colors or colors that are based on white, you should be wary of black skin. Since the dark skin shines through these shades look light grayish ash like. When in doubt, choose the color of eye shadow in the same way as the primer. The important thing is not how the color looks on the color chart or in the jar, but how this affects your skin.

Good colors for black skin

  • Instead of a rouge, you should cheekbones with copper or gold tones to emphasize. These colors can be used for the eyebrow. Even the bridge of the nose and chin do with a little touch of these colors.
  • If you want to use Rouge, select orange, dark red or the dark berry shades.
  • The eyeshadow looks on black skin looks best when he shines metal. Apply blue eye shadow on the only moving part of the eyelids, or you work easily painted. More natural look for dark skin brown, beige or gold to the eyes.
  • For the lips all you need to take special care that is only painted in warm colors. Pastels look on their faces with black skin, often only pale. Even a lighter mouth works in a slightly dark face something scary.


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