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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Facebook: last log - so watch your active sessions

If you have concerns that your Facebook account may be used by another person or at least it has access to your account, you can see in the security settings of Facebok, as was recently accessed your account on time. Find out how you can call the login Statisik and possibly terminate sessions.

Active sessions on facebook

The safety concept of Facebook allows you to view the currently active sessions, which are compounds of a device with Facebook on your account.

  • This allows you to monitor, among other things, whether your account may be used by a third person.
  • This can be as seen from the fact that your account was accessed through a device that you did not use, such as a mobile device (iPhone, Android phone, etc) or a computer rather than with another operating system (such as a Mac your Windows machine).
  • In addition, you get next to the device type also shows the approximate location of the connection and the date or time of last log-in process to your account.
  • If you should recognize that a third person had access to your account, you should start the session on the appropriate button stop and then change your password.

Last login - so you can see the hits on your account

To see the last login on facebook, you can call with a few clicks in the security settings.
  1. Log in with your access to the first thing on Facebook  , provided that you are not yet registered.
  2. Then call your account settings on Facebook. You can find this right up on the white arrow pointing down.
  3. Then go left at the top of the category "Security".
  4. At the bottom you will find the line "Active Sessions". Click this.
  5. This opens below the line of statistics on the currently active connections, which you see at the top of your current session and then each one after seeing the latter sessions. In "Last Access" you will find the dates of logins and logins as well as including the location of the device used.
  6. A session - save your current session - to finish, you have to do is right next to it click the "exit activity" and wait a few seconds.
  7. If you want to change because of external access to your account your using password, you must still left up to "General" tab change, clicking on the line "Password" and then specify your old Facebook password and new password. 


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