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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Send a letter - Advantages and Disadvantages

In the multimedia age, it has become unusual to send a letter. Even companies to get more and more to send out invoices and reminders via email, instead of using the good old letter.

A letter is more personal

  • Especially in the private sector, it has become relatively rare, to send a letter. Invitations will be sent as greeting cards by mail or spoken over the phone. Here, a handwritten letter would be much more personal. It shows that the other person shows genuine interest in yourself and therefore made ​​the effort has to sit down and write a letter.
  • These letters can you cancel. Young people do not even know anymore, the bundle of love letters between the tickets and beer mats in a small box under the bed or the top of the cabinet romps. In wistful, wine-loving moments, then the reading of these letters, once so important, the best therapy to get back to himself to come to terms. You can touch the letters touch paper that previously had the sweetheart in your hand. You might even smell the perfume, which he eventually used. In an email, this is not possible.

Quickly send messages

  • Of course, these personal character also has a cost: the time. Does this sound familiar, the nostalgic waiting for the answer? Sometimes went up to a week before the response letter came. It's different with an email. Within a few minutes you will have the answer to what makes you tick - or not.
  • You can send important documents by mail, to keep a scheduled appointment. With a letter that was not possible - even the Express shipping not available at the additional costs come to you. An email is free - unless you have a flat rate.
  • With a letter, they harm the environment. Finally, the man is the only race that writes on paper, "Save the Trees" is. So do you good if you prefer to use paper and write an email. Add to this the cost of postage stamps and going to the post office or mailbox.
  • Compared to before, although it is personal to send a letter, but also time consuming and costly and time intensive.


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