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Monday, 2 July 2012

Top 5 abandoned amusement parks in the world

Scary clowns, abandoned roller coasters, carousels overgrown ... When one of the following five abandoned amusement parks runs you can not imagine that this once was a place where you are come to you as free as a child to feel. Very impressive and certainly are all wonderful places to visit if you like Urban photography does.

Spree Park, Berlin, Germany

What was once a busy park was there since 2002 now abandoned. In 1969 the park was opened and Kulturpark Plänterwald from the start was a great success. They achieved their peak of 1.5 million visitors. After the Wende had the park, however modernized and changed its name to Spree Amusement Park which several investors were attracted. Unfortunately, the visitors after the modernization down the park in 2002 and went bankrupt.

The government gave White permission to the owner to repair seven attractions in Lima. He decided to remain in Peru for a new attrractiepark open. In 2004 he returned to Germany for extortion. Very long he could not enjoy his return. He was arrested for smuggling cocaine in one of its attractions. He got seven years in prison.

Unfortunately nobody has shown interest to White after the park and possibly to take to recover.

Dreamland, Margate, England

Dreamland is certainly a century old and was a very popular amusement park. In 1996 the park has a new owner and a number of attractions were transferred and sold. In 2003 the park closed its doors. The park has since been widely used as a film location. This was the theme can be seen in the popular British series Doctor Who. The park even has its own video game.

In 2005 the park was sold to Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company. Local residents have spent years with a plan to do this piece of land back to build and to zefls reopen as amusement park. Many ancient attractions are again restored to preserve the nostalgic look.

Gullivers Kingdom, Japan

The existence of this park was but of short duration. Gullivers Kingdom has been open for only 4 years. This has several reasons.

First, the location is not well thought out. The park was located next to the so-called 'zelfmoordbos. After the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the most popular suicide spot. Also on only a few kilometers away, a nerve gas factory where the Aum Shinriyko 'doomsday cult in 1995 was active. In short, not the most ideal place to go, especially with children.

Katoli World, Taiwan

By a severe natural disaster in 1999, World Katoli under. Taiwan was hit by a severe earthquake in which 2000 people were killed. The park was so badly damaged that a renovation was too expensive and the park in this broken state was left behind.

Wonderland, China

At first sight it seems a little Wonderland Disneyland. Founders were aimed at Wonderland eventually open as the largest theme park in Asia. The opening, however, we may never make it. Farmers refused to cede their land for this project to complete the construction of Wonderland which never went further. Today this place is primarily a haven for photographers


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