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Sunday, 1 July 2012

What are packages? - Information about the vacation trip

The holiday season begins and you can read all package tours. But what does "package" anyway? And they are right for your vacation planning?

What packages are actually

  • An EU directive of July 1990 defines the package exactly. However, this definition is not binding, and so is the package in Germany is not defined by law. This gives the tour operator some flexibility in the designation.
  • Generally, tours are very popular with holidaymakers. Most vacationers mean one thing: A complete package for your holiday.
  • For travel packages generally include all deals that offer a complete package for vacationers. Flight and hotel information can include and are organized. In addition, in the run too often looked after the catering and other recreational activities. In the optimal case, the tourists need to take care of anything more pure, but still enjoy their holiday.
  • The flavors are different and of course you can decide how packages are defined for you. From a small package with flights and hotels to a complete package that meets all needs and questions are open, you finally decide.

Advantages and disadvantages of package holidays

The opposite of a package, the so-called individual traveling. Here you put together the package itself. Arrival of the hotel selection, to the enterprises: decide for yourself at any point, what is right for you. The differences result from the pros & cons of the package.
  • The benefits of travel is primarily convenience: you do not have to organize a lot and know in advance exactly what to expect. So you can sit back calmly and wait for the holidays.
  • AYou can be sure a rule that you have seen everything of importance in the area, as planned and guided trips are often to do so. You can also quickly build contacts with other travelers.
  • For individual bookings, you often pay higher prices. Package tours are usually standardized and thus more favorable than for a customer.
  • Finally, you are better protected, so it is as a rule for bankruptcy protection, which ensures your holiday even if the organizer himself should go bankrupt and thus becomes insolvent.
However, there are not only advantages:
  • Flexibility and travel are generally rarely compatible. It begins with the flight times and airports, which do not necessarily meet your dearest wishes.
  • Thus, the stays are booked in advance. So you can choose almost spontaneously, that you want to change hotels and make such a tour through the country.
  • Just not so much frequented countries and regions are often not available in the package. If you are looking for something special, that it is not overrun by tourists, the package usually is not the right decision for you.


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