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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Which is the Most Influential, Advertising Versus Parents

Children were strongly influenced by food advertising, according to a new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics. This certainly increased the concerns of many parents about the negative impact of advertisements in healthy food choices for children.

According to a study conducted at Texas A & M International University, the message of the advertising of fast food has a considerable influence on children. However, the researchers emphasized that older people can still play an important role in encouraging their children to eat healthy.

"Children can be seen clearly influenced the ads they see, but that does not mean parents are helpless," said Dr. Christopher Ferguson of Texas A & M International University. "Parents have an advantage if they are consistent about applying to eat healthier in the long run."

The study involved 75 children aged between 3 to 5 years. All children watching two cartoon films with advertising inserts. The children were divided into two groups, half of the children watch a commercial for potato chips and the other half watching the commercials for the apple slices with the sauce.

After watching cartoons and commercials, children are allowed to choose either food stamps to be advertised with the input of their parents, half of them encourage their children to choose healthy choices and the other half remained neutral.

Of the children who saw the ad fries, 71 percent chose coupons for French fries if their parents remain neutral. However, that number dropped to 55 percent only when the children were encouraged by their parents to choose healthier options. "The urge parents to eat healthy can help dispel the advertising message, although the effect is small," said Dr. 

Meanwhile, the group of children who saw the ad apple slices with the sauce, only 46 percent chose fries when their parents remain neutral.

Instead of banning advertising to children, the researchers suggest that politicians, lawyers, and more food manufacturers to concentrate on ways to promote healthy food choices ad. "The effect advertising can work very well to cultivate a healthy diet," said Dr.


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