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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Steve Jobs Ignore the World Medical

Author Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson, reveals another side of Apple's founders. Behind his genius in creating and advancing technology, Jobs was not responsive in the medical world. It was known after Isaacson said that Jobs tend to ignore the use of medical drugs when cancer was first detected.

"In my opinion, he tends to ignore it as if it was not there," Isaacson said. "We are also often discussed. Jobs has ever claimed to regret it. He wished he could have operated on more quickly." It also reflects the Jobs view of the medical world. With his genius in technology, it is very unfortunate he even reluctant to believe in medical technology that he was awkward and difficult to value.

It also is a simple lesson for us to be willing to listen to your doctor's advice in overcoming tumor. You can not hope to cure cancer with diet or acupuncture, as some think Jobs.

On the other hand, Jobs managed to create the perfect tech gadgets to simplify things in life. Unfortunately success is not channeled to the medical world. In fact, just imagine with a touch of Jobs, the hospital would be able to provide a service that is much more effective for many patients. Recognized her sister Mona Simpson, Jobs had designed the sketches in the ICU. "He designed monitors and X-ray equipment

Indeed, the iPad's Jobs has contributed a lot in this life. However, fears, our admiration at the progress of technology will actually make us ignore the more important things, namely health.


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