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Friday, 18 November 2011

Ginger Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Daily Dose ginger may reduce intestinal inflammation and helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, according to a new study. The researchers found that study participants who took supplements of ginger has decreased 28 percent in a single measure of colorectal inflammation when compared with those taking placebo.

This research also has shown that people with levels of inflammation in the rectum higher are more likely to develop lesions that can develop into cancer.

However, the researchers noted that the study still relies small because it only involves 30 participants. Thus, further research is needed to determine the benefit of ginger on cancer risk. "But these results look promising," said Patricia Thompson, a professor of cellular and molecular medicine at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, who was not involved in this study, as quoted by Fox News.

Meanwhile, a research assistant at the University of Michigan Medical School said that a larger trial is needed to corroborate the findings of his study and answer some questions.

In particular, future research is needed to find out how ginger can reduce the levels of PGE 2 in the rectum. If ginger can act to reduce inflammation in the same manner as COX-2 inhibitor drug, meaning it can also share the benefits of finding a cure for those at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

"We also do not know how much ginger is needed for someone to reduce their cancer risk," In the study, the researchers recommend 2 grams of ginger extract which is equivalent to about 20 grams of raw ginger because recent tests showed that the most appropriate dose for healthy people . This study has been published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research


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