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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Kiwi Effectively Lower Blood Pressure

An apple a day really can keep you from various diseases, but three kiwis are better able to effectively lower blood pressure you know.

A study at the American Heart Association scientific meeting in Orlando, Tuesday (15/11), found that eating three meals a day is associated with decreased blood pressure.

As for high blood pressure have long been regarded as a risk factor for heart disease is still the number one killer in the world. Research over the past eight weeks, led by Mette Svendsen Oslo University Hospital in Norway included 118 subjects with an average age of 55 years with a rather high blood pressure.

One group of participants were asked to eat three kiwi to their daily diet, while the other half ate an apple a day. Kiwi is known to contain lutein, which has antioxidant properties.

After eight weeks, researchers found in kiwi eaters sistoliknya level for 24 hours showed an average blood pressure of 3.6 millimeters lower than the apple-eaters.

Systolic is the pressure in the arteries that occurs when the heart pumps blood throughout the body. As for the rest of the diastolic pressure in the arteries when your heart is at rest. Diastolic blood pressure was also lower in the kiwi. Even so, the researchers recommend that these findings should be confirmed by research in a larger scale


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