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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Heavy Metal Trigger Depression Teen

MUSIC does provide many benefits for children in every stage of its development. Research also shows that music can be an effective medicine to relieve pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and cure insomnia.

However, on the other hand, there were negative effects of music, especially the homage to heavy metal. Unknown, teens who like listening to metal rock music are at risk of depression and suicide, according to a study at Melbourne University, Australia, as quoted by Fox News, Thursday (20/10).

No kidding, Katrina  led study was conducted over five years. He found the heavy metal music causes mental illness at some teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years.

"Most young people listen to different kinds of music in a positive way, usually to be alone, improve mood, provide energy during exercise," he told the Herald Sun. "However, teens who have an increased risk of depression are more likely to listen to metal music especially heavy metal  in a negative way."

Dr. says other music genres including rap, rock, and pop did not have the same effect like metal music. He then describes the teens tend to switch to metal music as an escape from reality. They also claimed to like this kind of music because it reflects the pain that they feel that makes them feel not alone. However, the results of this study also found that some teenagers can recognize their mood improved after listening to loud music.

Therefore, parents are urged to be willing to take the time to chat and ask how the musical tastes of their children and what he felt after listening to heavy metal music. And if  children were stressed, they should stop listening .


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